ARC 791

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100% solids, high-build, quartz (SiO2) reinforced, highly chemically resistant, modified epoxy coating that can bond to damp concrete.

ARC 791 industrial coating is designed to:

  • Resurface concrete damaged by chemical attack or mechanical stress
  • Replace acid resistant tiles, epoxy mortars, fiberglass, and conventional overlayments
  • Bond to damp concrete, making substrate impermeable for aggressive chemicals
  • Apply to vertical substrates at nominal dft of 6 mm (240 mils) using ARC 797 primer
  • Easily apply by trowel

Application areas:

  • Acid and alkali spill areas
  • Pump bases/grouting
  • Trenches and drains
  • Bottling lines
  • Wastewater treatment​
  • Structural support columns
  • Equipment bedding
  • Concrete tanks/sumps
  • Tile repointing
  • Food processing plants

Features & Benefits:

  • Fine, textured and resistant to wide range of chemicals
  • Covers a broad range of chemical exposures 
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion comparable to concrete
  • Resists cracking and delamination
  • Longer life
  • 100% solids; no VOCs; no free isocyanates
  • Enhances safe use
  • Serves demanding applications 
  • Bonds to dry or damp concrete ​
  • Saves time and versatile
  • Reinforcement coupling agent minimizing coating voids
  • Permeation resistant
  • User-friendly consistency​
  • ​​Adhesion exceeds cohesive strength of concrete​

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