Эрчим хүч

Эрчим хүчний салбарт манай мэргэжилтнүүд цахилгаан станц, нүүрсний үйлдвэрлэлийн тоног төхөөрөмж нийлүүлэгчидтэй хамтран ажиллаж, цахилгаан станцын ашиглалтын хугацааг уртасгахын тулд элэгдлийг багасгаж, хэмнэлттэй шийдлүүдийг хэрэгжүүлж байна.

Power generation without material losses

The energy industry is a very diverse sector when it comes to finding the right kind of wear protection to strengthen abrasion resistance. Our experts work with power plant and coal production equipment suppliers around the globe to minimize wear and find economical solutions to increase the useful life of the power plant.


Thermal power plants

Much of the equipment used by thermal power plants is subject to a great deal of wear during the fuel processing and transportation processes. Whether the power plant is using bituminous coal, lignite, biomass or recycling waste, sludge or other residues, MES has the right wear protection solution for an improved abrasion resistance of machinery and feeding systems. The same is true of the components behind the chambers.


Hydro-electric power plants

Sediment in water as a result of glacial run-off or storms cause abrasion and put a great deal of pressure on turbines. It is therefore important to use abrasion resistant equipment to remove gravel and sand. Flushing or diverting channels that are used to prevent the silting up of reservoirs also have to cope with huge quantities of debris in a short period of time. MES's wear protection materials and systems protect concrete structures and hydraulic steel structures in power plants from otherwise unavoidable abrasion and ensure that particularly exposed areas are protected in a reliable and lasting fashion.


Recycling plants

Our commitment to the recycling industry has developed in parallel with the growing market in recycled materials. We are committed to recycling wear protection and sustainable solutions, from processing household and construction waste to electrical waste and vehicle recycling. We equip the recycling processing components with wear protection so that they have the longest possible life. Shredding, crushing, separating, sieving, sorting and transporting – abrasion resistance materials by MES are used in every stage of the process to protect plant components against wear.


Sewage treatment

We provide customized industrial wear protection solutions for sewage treatment plants that treat waste water and dispose of effluent for local authorities and private operators. Lifting equipment, pumping cycles and sludge drying are just some examples of the technical equipment and pipelines that are given increased reliability and longer useful lives thanks to our specialist abrasion resistance linings.

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